The Restoration


Baltimore County finished the first phase of the restoration of the Perry Hall Mansion in 2004. The county awarded the contract in early October of 2003, with work starting in the winter of 2003 and 2004. During this phase, the contractor completed improvements to the exterior of the mansion.  

Renovations included the replacement of the rear stairs and railing, roof, support columns and posts, the existing front porch steps, gutters and down spouts, and the exterior trim, louvers, and lattices. The chimney was repaired, the exterior stucco replaced and repointed, and the much of the exterior repainted.   This phase of the  project included a lead paint abatement project, tree trimming, shrub removal, and pest control inside the mansion.  

The exterior renovation was honored as an "outstanding public project" by the Baltimore County Historical Trust, a countywide historic preservation organization.

In 2006, the Maryland General Assembly passed a bond bill that provided $225,000 to complete the final phase of the restoration.   This legislation, when matched by Baltimore Count, would provide $550,000 to upgrade the entire interior of the mansion.  Additional money will be needed to furnish the mansion as the project nears completion, likely in three or four years.   

In the spring of 2007, community leaders established a new organization to help raise the additional funding to complete the project.  The Friends of the Perry Hall Mansion will also permanently care for the structure.

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