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How did the Perry Hall Mansion gets its name?
Perry Hall Castle
The mansion was the centerpiece for a vast, 1,000-acre estate that Harry Dorsey Gough named for a family castle in England, Perry Hall. This castle was located in Perry Barr, a suburb of Birmingham. Today, there is a Perry Hall Playing Field where the castle once stood. Interestingly enough, Gough' s home was never called "the Perry Hall Mansion" until recent times. It was simply "the mansion" that formed the core of the Perry Hall estate.

Is the Perry Hall Mansion haunted?

Several Web sites have reported that the mansion is haunted. This information is false. There are no recorded deaths at the mansion, and there is no evidence of any hauntings at the property.

What will the mansion be used for?

In 2001, the Baltimore County Executive appointed a task force that recommended a menu of possible uses at the mansion. The task force endorsed making the mansion a museum for Perry Hall's history and allowing limited public tours of the property. The task force also recommended using the mansion for small-scale meetings, conferences, and social functions. The ultimate decision on usage will come as the mansion is stabilized and the county focuses on interior renovations.

What is currently going on with the mansion?

The exterior is renovated.  Money has been secured to renovate the interior, but nothing will happen until Baltimore County completes a study on the possible uses of the mansion.  Since the fall of 2006, community leaders and elected officials have been meeting to set up a new organization that will raise money and staff the mansion on a permanent basis. 

Where is the Perry Hall Mansion located?

The mansion is located near the intersection of Meetinghouse Road and Perry Hall Road in northern Perry Hall. 

Can I tour the Perry Hall Mansion?

While Baltimore County renovates the mansion, the inside of the building is not available for public tours. The goal of the Perry Hall Mansion restoration project is to make the property accessible to future visits. If you would like a tour of the exterior of the mansion, you may contact Jeffrey Smith at

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